*One of the first murals of my career was a 40 ft pool at El Pais Motel in Tucson, AZ
*Being in Tucson, AZ the pool was way too hot to paint during the day

-Here’s a progress picture from the night I painted the pool

My most recent mural commissioned for a home, so she could look at them while doing the dishes.

Please contact me at for pricing and availability for home murals like these day dreamy sunflowers!

*Another fun mural at El Pais Motel in Tucson, AZ.

-If you are an artist or even an art enthusiast you will have to stop by and see/stay at El Pais Motel.

*Love Progress Pictures
*”EL PATIO” mural at Tanna’s Botannas on 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ

-If you’re a Tucson local you might recognize this piece from the very popular Tanna’s Botannas! This wall is the tallest and almost longest wall I’ve worked, I even had to rent and operate a 4WD scissor lift!

*Close up of the font for the “EL PATIO” mural
*Pool wall at El Pais Motel, a Jade Josey and GabbysSketchbook collaboration
*Faux marble pool deck and Pool wall designed & painted by Jade Josey and I.
*One of my biggest projects, a three wall mural at the Chicago Bar in Tucson,AZ
*Unfortunately due to the pandemic the Chicago Bar is closed… However, you can still see the outside mural driving down Speedway and Craycroft.

-The Chicago Bar is a Historic part of Tucson, inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, and home to many bands and musicians. Forever loved by the Tucson community.

*Painted on a cabinet at The Courtyard in BIsbee, AZ.
*Progress pic at The Bisbee Courtyard, spot a GabbysSketchbook special touch.

The Courtyard in Bisbee, Arizona is a crerative, fun, and beautiful event venue. Hosting any and all fun events, weddings to concerts. If you’re in the Bisbee area check out The courtyard!

*Art exhibition mural commissioned for a pool party

-Spot my supervisor (my dog), she helps with a lot of my projects.

*Progress Picture

-I was hired for a mural retouch, scroll down to see the progress

*I started with the sky and added an Arizona sunset
*I had a lot of fun working on this mural and learning how to operate the lift
*The guys over at Roy Metcalfe Automotive Inc. will take care of your car anytime. Stop over and see my mural 5954 E Speedway in Tucson, Arizona.
*Faux marble flooring around the pool deck, one of the many collaborations created by myself and Jade Josey.
*A logo mural commissioned for a party hosted by Rarity Rock Radio

-Tune in to Rarity Rock Radio at

*Mural commissioned for a Vintage Bash Halloween party
*Diner mural

-First Jade and I started by “distressing” the walls (adding grey paint to the cracks)

*Backyard mural done for my Grandma Peaches