*My all time favorite room has to be the comic book room

-Intirior designer and brains behind these magical designs, Jade Josey

Can be found on instagram at @Jadejosie

*Its all in the details

-Our Comicbook room can be seen at El Pais Motel, in Tucson Arizona

Jade Josey and I collaborate on a lot of projects. I like to say she is the brains and I’m the detail.

Contact Jade on instagram at @JadeJosie

*Vintage 1950s Brutalist furniture and art inspired by local Tucson craze Lisa Frank come together to give you “Brutally Frank”
“On Air” sign turns on when the bathroom light is on, to show its occupied

The beautiful mind behind “Brutally Frank” is the talented interior designer Jade Josey

*”The Musician Room”

-Complete with 70’s swirl & ceiling collage

-Designed by the best, Jade Josey

* “The Musician Room” features musicians, fashion, and decor from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s
*Plaid floors and walls painted by designer Jade Josey & I.
*Would you poop in this bathroom? To check out “The Musician Room” visit El Pais Motel in Tucson,AZ.
*The “Casita de Kahlo”

-Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Mexican Art, and her Casa Azul in Mexico

-Collaboration with Jade Josey

*One of the very first things I ever painted at El Pais Motel was this beautiful night sky inspired ceiling
*Each detail hand painted
*Desert themed hand painted sink cabinet
To see the “Casita de Kahlo” visit El Pais Motel in Tucson, AZ
*Not quite complete, Designer Jade Josey and I covered this room in gold and gold leaf!
*”Distressed” grey walls painted by Jade Josie and I

*”The Diner” mural hand painted by me!

*Linen Rooms One and Too, featuring nondiscript fruit brought to you by myself and designer Jade Josey
*Linen Room
*& Linen Room Too
*Still a work in progress is our “Bazaar” pop up shop

*Designed by, the best, Jade Josey.

*”Bazaar” pop up shop sign designed and hand pained by me!

-To see further progress and new works follow me on instagram at @GabbysSketchBook_

***For questions, collaborations, or commissions please email me at***