*This was a pink photo shoot I set up and shot myself!


If you don’t know me, I’m Gabby!

I LOVE taking pictures!

I bought my first camera in 2016 and have done countless photo shoots since. These are some shots from some of my favorite shoots.

& I am always looking to build my portfolio, so if you like what you see PLEASE contact me!

Email me anytime at

& on Instagram @GabbysSketchbook_ OR @ShotsWithGabbs


My first wedding as a photographer

These moments are everything, looking back on your special day

I am looking to build my wedding portfolio, if you are interested in pricing and availability please contact me at

Mr. & Mrs. Suggs 1/13/2017
Sanctuary Cove. Tucson, AZ

~Wike wedding 2023

~Leon wedding 2023

This cute couple (unexpectedly) decided to jump in the pool after the ceremony!


Shadif & Luca, mother and son.

-The beetle landed on his hat and he didn’t even flinch, brave little guy!


Graduation pictures can be special for everyone, be proud of your accomplishments and let them shine through!
*This photo was taken in Shelter Cove, CA. Valentines Day


These special moments were captured at Agua Caliente Park. Tucson, AZ

It feels like an eternity but the times goes by quick! Lets plan a maternity shoot before its too late! Outdoors, indoors… in bed, wherever you’re comfortable mama!

Gorgeous waterfall maternity shoot. This super mom hiked and walked through freezing water for these stunning memories! Madera Canyon

This beautiful photo was captured at Sanctuary Cove, AZ

Captured this truth on the side of the road during my travels through AZ


This photo shoot was for some Senior Pictures

Great backgrounds can be found even just walking around town


This is my sweet baby Darla, in a pink bathroom at El Pais Motel

A short walk down town can turn into a cute photo shoot when you’re with the right person

On the famous Lowell Street. Bisbee, AZ
Down Town Tucson
The only thing better then looking good is feeling good!


This soap was hand crafted locally and can be found on instagram at @Holistic_alchemy_wellness
Your products deserve to be photographed as beautifully as they were created!

More senior photos

Photo taken in the Redwoods of Northern California
I actually took this beautiful photo on top of a roof
Sunset in Northen CA

Silver frilly set I made in my appartment~

Beautiful hand made crochet outfit by Felicia Suggs

As an artist I believe in making your art look as good in photos as it does in person. For information on where to buy your own custom crochet top contact Felicia Suggs on instagram at @RhythmicLoveHandMade

This soap looks so yummy I could take a bite!

To get soap for yourself or someone you love contact Fee on instagram at @RhythmicLoveHandMade

The time just goes too fast and soon these kiddos will be twice the size!

For pricing and availability for family sessions, please contact me at

Show your dog just what a good boy(Or girl) they are!
Taken at Black Sands Beach, Northern California
Photo and makeup created by ME! I had way too much fun with this photo shoot!

NEON Set, created by the best set designer (Instagram @JadeJosey), Jade can be found at El Pais Motel making amazing sets & props

Photo taken in Pinetop, AZ


It’s always so rewarding making women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin~

For any questions or inquiries please contact me on instagram at @ShotsWithGabbs & @GabbysSketchbook_

Or by email at

From my very first photo shoot with my camera
On a mountain top in Arizona
Spot the hat she threw
Down a dirt road somewhere
In her element!

I’ll always love the motion of this photo

Custom handmade crochet top! I love product photos!

To get your own custom crochet top find Fee Suggs on instagram at @RhythmicLoveHandmade

Somewhere in Greer, Arizona.

Sunset in Page, AZ
See YOU soon!







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