*This was a quick little Photo shoot with my dog, at El Pais Motel in Tucson, AZ

-I bought my first camera in 2016 and have done countless photoshoots since. Here are a few of my favorites

-Please contact me at any time for any occasion, -&- on Instagram @GabbysSketchbook_ -OR- @Gabby.a.a

*This custom crochet top was made for me by my sister.

-As an artist I believe in making your art look as good in photos as it does in person. For information on where to buy your own custom crochet top contact Felicia Suggs on instagram at @RhythmicLoveHandMade

*Gorgeous photo shoot with my best friend in her element.

-One of my favorite things to do is adventure out somewhere beautiful and have a photo shoot.

*Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph.

-I generally don’t edit my photos. None of the photos posted on my website have been edited.

*Fun Collaboration with set designer Jade Josey, can be found on instagram @Jadejosie
*Makeup art & Photography done by myself
*Fairy photoshoot

-This set was made by Jade Josey, someone I work with often. Can be contacted on instagram at @JadeJosie

*This photo was taken in Sedona, AZ.
*Hand made soap by Felicia Suggs

-Product photos

This soap looks so yummy I could take a bite!

To get soap for yourself or someone you love contact Fee on instagram at @RhythmicLoveHandMade

*Photo shoot with one of my best friends

-I love making people feel confident in their own skin.

-Product photo

*Crochet outfit made by the talented Felicia Suggs

Contact on instagram at @RhythmicLoveHandMade

*My first time working with kids and I had the pleasure of 4
*Puppy portrait

-Show your dog just how good a boy he is

*Mohave lake in Arizona
*One of my favorite people to work with

-This photo is from the very first photo shoot I did when I bought my first camera

*Taken in Prescott, AZ
*Bubble bath fun, at El Pais Motel in Tucson
*Photo taken in Humbolt county, CA
*Elf princess
*This photo was taken at the end of a dirt road